Building Costs
​Concrete block, aluminum or wood casement windows, metal roof.  All houses are built on cement slab.
Ceramic! Some of the most beautiful decorative tiles create some unique homes.
Cost to Build   
Modest two bedroom / two bathroom casita with accommodating kitchen / dining & living area / outdoor patio
$45,000 to $60,000 approximately 1000 sq. ft. indoor living area
Seller can provide contacts for architects and contractors along with building code regulations

The slideshow shows a very basic style casita.  While only 650 sq. ft., it provides comfort and affordability.   One bath, two bedroom.  Island eating area.  Cost to build  approximately $39,000.

This is a prefabricated wall structure.  Windows are aluminum and are secured with decorative metal bars.  While bars may seem offensive, those of us who are not permanent residence and who leave for extended periods of time do need security.

Living outdoors on the patios is a way of life.  Remember weather is not a factor in many areas.  Temperatures are usually between 18 c and 38 c year round.